Wednesday, May 20, 2009 a memorial?

[UPDATE: Jeff Gillan from LV1 wrote in to say the Gans family nixed his request to carry the memorial live. LV1 (and other TV stations I assume) will have camera access inside the showroom with conditions as to what can and can't be shown. Gillan also said Steve Wynn is planning to do some local interviews as well. -sf]

I find this a bit strange.

ShowTickets4Locals.Com just sent out a freebie offer to Danny Gans' memorial?!?!? See below:
A gift for XXX from
Danny Gans Memorial
DATE: May 21, 2009 (Thursday)
TIME: 3:00PM
LOCATION: Encore Theater (Located inside Wynn Hotel & Casino)
Celebrate and Embrace the life of adored Las Vegas entertainer Danny Gans.

You must pick up your tickets today between 2pm - 5pm today only at the Wynn hotel and casino box office.

Call 671-0049 now to reserve your free ticket for Thursdays show.

Please do not print this email and bring it to the box office. Once your ticket is confirmed with our operators, your name will be given to the box office directly. Valid ID required to receive your tickets.

Isn't that a little odd and awkward? I mean, is someone concerned about the room not looking quite full enough? It's a memorial -- in fact, it's been referred to in various media accounts as a "private" memorial -- not a show or a popularity contest. They sent out all these invitations to friends, family, media folk, etc. It's nice that they're opening it up to the public, I suppose, but then they're not really. You have to have tickets. (Side note: It's kind of interesting that ShowTickets4Locals.Com would be the dispenser. Recall how they were forced to coddle Gans way back when.)

I had planned to attend and cover this, but I'm in Philly dealing with this family thing so I can't. But Alicia Jacobs of KVBC has reported on his Twitter feed that Oscar Goodman, Andre Agassi and Marie Osmond are scheduled to speak. (Fox 5, in a bit of competitive pique it seems, credited this to Norm Clarke's Twitter feed, but Norm clearly credits Jacobs.) It hasn't been reported yet, but I'd be shocked if Steve and/or Elaine Wynn don't offer a tribute as well.

The memorial may also be broadcast live on Las Vegas One. Anchor Jeff Gillan has been approaching Gans' manager Chip Lightman about providing that access. I'm not sure what became of that, but Lightman had told me a few days ago he was considering it. Unfortunately for you out-of-towners, I don't believe Las Vegas One streams online. But, hey, maybe some of those free memorial tickets will be available on Craigslist later today! I know a few memorabilia collectors who might find them valuable...


Robert K said...

i agree it's strange. if they wanted to invite the public at large, they ought to just open the doors and let them come. this does make the whole thing have the feel of a publicity stunt.

Gay Jay said...

How could they just open the doors? There would be a riot!
I don't find it strange at all. It's a wonderful way to allow fans celebrate this very special man!