Saturday, May 23, 2009

Danny Gans: Still Dead, Right?

Last week, I noticed this Google Ad appearing atop this blog...

...and took a screen shot but got busy and forgot to blog about it. Then, just now, it happened again... it seemed worth noting. I mean, unless you're Terry Fator and believe you can commune with Gans, I'm thinking this ship has sailed.

Then again, Google Ads behave notoriously strangely. Take this one, also on this site today that links to TravelZoo.Com:

The Sands Hotel was imploded in Las Vegas was imploded on June 30, 1996. Oops.


Charles in Richmond, VA said...

Google, and I assume others, still list my business at an address that we haven't been at for over 4 years. If there is a web site anywhere that has outdated information, the search engines will find it for you. Wouldn't it be great to have a central repository to issue corrections to the web?

Expect to see ads for Danny Gans for years to come.