Friday, May 22, 2009

Sands Bethlehem Pictorial 2: The Outside

I managed to get away from the casino for a while thanks to a little walking and bus tour that Mayor John Callahan took me on. Unfortunately, my camera battery died halfway through or I'd have many more photos of the incredibly charming old buildings and the nifty cafe, Wired, where I wrote my NYT piece.

Still, this is the view of the Bethlehem Steel plant, where the casino now stands beyond those blast furnaces, from the next bridge up the Lehigh River. Here's a closer look at the blast furnaces, which are to be the basis for a national museum focused on industrial American history:

On June 9, when LVS officially holds its formal grand opening, the company will start lighting up the old furnaces at night similar to how this is done in Germany.

This image, in fact, is taken from Callahan's latest State of the City report.

This iconic crane in front of the casino is the original crane, one of two, that moved ore in the pit upon which the Sands Bethlehem has been built. LVS owns the entire piece of property all the way to the blast furnaces.

Here's the outside of the casino which, truth be told, is the least interesting part of it. That white structure to the right is the parking garage.

LVS is obligated to build a 300-room hotel and a large retail space. That shell of a building sticking up behind that silo-looking thing is the hotel. Construction was halted last summer when LVS suffered a major credit crunch that also stopped construction in Macau and in Vegas.

Finally, remember Georgine from the special video edition of "The Strip"? Well, when she said she lived across the street, she meant it. This is the view from the third level of the parking garage:

On Sunday, I'll get into the quirky stuff, so come on back!