Friday, May 22, 2009

Up and out early...

...heading to Bethlehem, Pa., to cover the opening this morning of the new $600 million Sands casino built in an iconic former steel mill there for the Times. Got really lucky and caught a good story nearby, relatively speaking, while visiting my sister in the Philly burbs. Will Tweet about it and post photos later. Oh, and I'm scheduled to be on KNPR's State of Nevada this morning, too, live from the scene. Then back here for Shabbas with the family. Should be a nice day if I don't get lost en route, which is likely!


Anonymous said...

Am curious on your thoughts regarding Sands Bathworks. Is it more than a slot house with some fancy restaurants? What's the draw besides slots? Their site shows plenty of shows, etc. Are there sufficient hotels nearby for people who want to spend the night? I know that LVS cut back on what they were originally planning for the time being (a purposely ill-defined term).